Focus on industry development, create value through service


Chengdu ZongLen Technologies Co., Ltd., headquartered in Chengdu, China, is a professional pan conductor high and low temperature intelligent equipment enterprise,

with refrigeration and semiconductor divisions. We have successively obtained multiple certifications and honors, including national high-tech enterprise, specialized and

innovative enterprise, national level science and technology enterprise, EU CE certified enterprise, ISO9001 international quality management system

certified enterprise,  and intellectual property standard certified enterprise.

Zonglen mainly produces ultra-low temperature refrigerators, Temperature Forcing Systems (ThermoTST), BenchTop Temperature Forcing System (ATC/TCU), Chiller, HAST/BHAST, ThermoChucks, rapid temperature change boxes, temperature shock boxes, etc., for wafers, chips, optical communication, automotive electronics, lasers, integrated

circuits, aerospace, astronomical exploration, battery packs, hydrogen energy, etc Provide a complete set of temperature environment solutions in the

manufacturing and testing processes of mobile energy storage and other fields.

Zonglen has provided products and services to over 15 countries worldwide, with service outlets throughout the

country. It has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Wuhan, and Chongqing.


“Specializing”Focusing on ultra-low temperature and semiconductor testing high and low temperature solutions

“Proficiency” Over 16 years of industry technology accumulation, mastering core technologies

“Uniqueness”Multiple industry-leading technologies and unicorns in segmented fields

“Innovation” Continuously innovating products and services to provide customers with a more satisfactory experience


Who affects moderate Zonglen?

Zonglen external rely on customers, adhere to customer as the center; Internally rely on hard working staff, striver oriented, so that contributors get reasonable returns; Build a win-win ecosystem with suppliers, partners, universities and research institutions to promote technological progress and industrial development.


What does chinacryo insist on?

Zonglen adheres to focusing on the main channel, integrating knowledge and action, adhering to the spirit of craftsman, and providing customers with better service and products.


What does the chinacryo bring you?

Zonglen creates value for customers through better service and products.

  • Covering the whole country

    Agents and after-sales points cover 33 cities nationwide
  • Service guarantee

    Provide product technical guidance and after-sales maintenance services
  • Stable and safe

    The production machinery market is cost-effective, stable and safe
  • Experienced

    11 years of production experience, won the praise of customers


  • Corporate philosophy

    First class technical personnel take customers as the center and service as the means to become an outstanding enterprise

  • Corporate mission

    Strategies from the perspective of users to provide high-quality products and solutions

  • Corporate Vision

    The market share is far ahead, and the joint test service centers are all over the country

  • Core values

    It is our quality policy to provide high-quality products, provide high-level services and meet customer needs