Product details

ThermoTST TS560 is a sophisticated cryogenic deviceImpact airflow meter, with a wider temperature range -70 ° C to +225 ° C, providing very advanced temperatures Transformation test capability. The temperature conversion is from - 55 ℃ to+ 125 ℃ for about 10 seconds; After long-termMulti-working condition verification, meet all kinds of production environment and engineering Environmental requirements.TS560 is pure mechanical refrigeration, noneLiquid nitrogen or any other expendable refrigerant is required.


Temperature change rateis fast, -55℃ to The conversion between +125℃ is about 10 seconds

Temperature range of -70°C to +225°C

Compact and mobile design

Touch screen operation,human-computer interaction interface

Fast DUT temperature stabilization time

Temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃, display accuracy ± 0.1 ℃

Air Flow up to 18 SCFM

Defrosting design, rapid removal of internal water vapor accumulation


Characteristic analysis, high and low temperature change test, temperature impact test, failure analysis and other reliability tests, such as:Chips, microelectronics, integrated circuits(SOC, FPGA, PLD, MCU, ADC/DAC, DSP, etc.)Flash, UFS, eMMC PCBs, MCMs, MEMS, IGBT, sensors, small module componentsOptical communication (e.g. Transceiver high and low temperature testing, SFP optical module high and low temperature testing, etc.)Other electronic industry, aerospace new materials, laboratory research

Test standard

Meet the U.S. military standard MIL system test standards

Meet the domestic military component GJB system test standard

Meet JEDEC test requirements


Temperature Range -70 ºC to+225 º C
Typical Temperature Transition Rate -55 ºC  to+125 º C for about 10 seconds
Temperature Accuracy ± 1 ºC
System Airflow Output 4 ~ 18 SCFM(1.9L/s ~ 8.5L/s)

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