Small in-line Heater
2022-11-18 17:12:46

Miniature linear heater is a small, portable, high-performance gas heater designed for the integrated solution of laboratory gas pipeline. Through the built-in thermocouple sensor, the gas can be heated at a constant temperature (flammable, explosive and corrosive gases are not supported); With ChinaCryo temperature control system, the temperature and efficiency of heating can be adjusted in real time for the process end (sample/process temperature control), and the quantitative and qualitative heating control of gas can be carried out with special flow controller. The design of this heater reduces the overall cost and complexity of the system, thus improving the performance of the system.



Compact, lightweight, durable heater structure

Support a variety of pipe connectors, such as LOK, VCR, VCO, etc

Internal thermocouple for protection and temperature control

Comprehensive solution: process temperature regulation; Gas qualitative and quantitative

Power support from 400W to 4000W, covering most of the gas supply flow



Pipe material: 304 SS (optional 316L)

Other materials: ceramic, 316L, Ni, Cr, Teflon,

Voltage 220V

Resistance tolerance ± 10%

Maximum service pressure: 150psi (10.2 bar)

Maximum recommended heating temperature: 350 ° C