ThermoTST ATC860
ThermoTST ATC860 is a precision contact high and low temperature impact machine with a wider temperature range of -70 ℃ to+200 ℃, providing strong temperature conversion testing capabilities.

Product details

ThermoTST ATC860 adjusts the temperature (shell temperature or junction temperature) of the DUT to the target temperature point through direct contact between the test head and the DUT for corresponding performance testing. Suitable for both soldered chips and chips using sockets, it can truly control the temperature of the tested chip without affecting the peripheral circuit, eliminating the uncertainty caused by the peripheral circuit.



Effective temperature range, -70 ℃ to+200 ℃

Temperature stability ± 0.5 ℃

Touch screen operation, human-machine interaction interface

Support for DUT temperature control

Desktop design, low noise, low vibration, low environmental heat dissipation

Low temperature fluctuations

Low temperature environment testing without condensation



Applicable to IC characteristics, testing, and failure analysis:

ATE, SLT, and Workbench

Replacement of high and low temperature test boxes/low-temperature cooling machines

OEM integration


Testing standards

Meet the United States Military Standard MIL system test standard

Meet the GJB system testing standards for domestic military components

Meet JEDEC testing requirements


Temperature Range -70 ºC  to  + 200 ºC
Typical Temperature Transition Rate 25ºC  to  -40 ºC ; ≤2Min
Temperature Accuracy ± 1 ºC
Cooling power 220W @ -40°C

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